Tónandi - Magic Leap collaboration with Sigur Rós

American start-up company 'Magic Leap,' working on developing head-mounted augmented reality technology, has collaborated with Sigur Rós to produce 'Tónandi.' Described as an "interactive audio-visual exploration of the sounds and spirit of Sigur Rós," Tónandi was recently awarded the top award for Immersive Reality Technical Achievement at this year's D.I.C.E awards. The mind-bending "spatial computing" adventure will also get a rare public demonstration at May's cutting-edge Arcosanti festival 'FORM' in Arizona this summer later this year.

“The tónandi experience is more like hiking or scuba-diving in your house while also being surrounded by supernatural beings. it’s appealingly disorienting. by the end, orchestration is sizzling—i can almost feel it—through my fingertips. when it’s over, i ask if i can go again.”

– Marc Hogan (Pitchfork)

Image courtesy of Magic Leap

“I run my hand across the grass and hear a series of plaintive tones, like a stringed instrument gently picking out all the notes in a chord. i look down and see more grass coming up out of the carpet, then some kind of pitcher plant that seems to extend its undulating mouth toward my outstretched hand, like a pet expecting a treat. it responds to my touch with a sonorous sigh.”

– Andy Hermann (Flood magazine) visits magic leap and talks to the people behind Tónandi. Read more here

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