JFDR Tour and E.P

JFDR will be touring later this year, visiting Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Iceland. See dates below:

21/03/19 - Think of Things Studio, Tokyo

22/03/19 - 7th Floor, Tokyo

23/03/19 - KD JAPON, Nagoya

24/03/19 - Chatsworth, Hyogo

25/03/19 - Score Factory, Osaka

28/03/19 - Castelmaine Festival, Castlemaine, Australia

02/04/19 - Festival of Colour, Wanaka, New Zealand

18/04/19 - Laylow, London, UK

JFDR's most recent release, the 2018 EP 'Gravity' is exclusively available as a limited edition matcha chocolate bar, made in collaboration with Icelandic artisanal chocolate company Omnom. The 60g matcha & lime flavoured bar comes with a download code, and is available to purchase here.

For tickets to JFDR's London show, visit the Laylow website

Sigur Rós
Kjartan Sveinsson
Sons of Raphael
Alex Somers
Paul Corley
James Canty
Daníel Bjarnason