Jónsi & Alex Somers Tour 'Riceboy Sleeps' with the London Contemporary Orchestra

Performing their expansive ambient record, Riceboy Sleeps, ten years after its creation, Jónsi & Alex showcase the album in full for its first-ever European performance.

Played live with the London Contemporary Orchestra, the layers of dense strings, humming reverb and sampled chimes are fully accentuated. A satisfyingly rich piece of music which consumes its listener in a bath of sound.

Riceboy Sleeps was the name the partners adopted for their creative ventures together as visual artists, writers and musicians. This first, and only, record was recorded entirely acoustically at their home in Iceland while Jonsí’s band Sigur Rós were on hiatus and was expanded into one of the most ambitious ambient works of music of the noughties.

Saturday 6th July - Philharmonie de Paris - Paris, France

Monday 8th July - Barbican Hall - London, UK

Tickets available here

Riceboy Sleeps is available on all major streaming platforms. Listen below:

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Kjartan Sveinsson
Sons of Raphael
Alex Somers
Paul Corley
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