JFDR Releases EP 'Dream On'

November 2020

JFDR's new EP Dream On is out and available to stream everywhere now!

it's october and i've been in australia for 7 months now. i keep waiting for it to get extremely hot, like hot all the time, especially in the evenings - which is a complete novelty for my body and my senses (my dna firmly associates the evening outside breath with sharp cold)

but we haven't hit that yet, i'm rugged up on the couch , revisiting the origins of the EP that is about to be released into the wide open.

'new dreams' came out as corona virus burst , it came out as i (and so many others) finally accepted that our lives were about to be altered on a scale unimaginable. it came out as the world was changing big time.

i was about to embark on a big tour for the first time in a long time ,

but somehow , despite the excitement and joy surrounding that endeavour , i was quietly relieved that it didn't happen. i was secretly wishing that i could put everything on pause for a moment.

my wish was granted and my life turned upside down, in a way that allowed me to heal some , to exist some , to work some , to balance some.

months later i thought of all the would haves and could haves, i reminisced about who i was back then and i thought about things that didn't happen.

'new dreams' was a tough album to make . it contains a lot of urgency and a lot of need - to share, to connect, to carve and craft . when i listen to it i feel that urgency and i am amazed by the version of myself that yielded those results.

going on tour is a way to indulge in those feelings, that world that you've created, the different narratives embedded in the songs. it's a (sometimes) cathartic way of revisiting your old selves as well as a chance to breathe new life into them.

i wanted to somehow do that and the best way seemed to be to go back into the creative process , explore alternative versions (past and present selves) and dig up some old ghosts that were put to bed before the album was completed.

i bring to you 'dream on' - - an EP that may deepen your experience and connection to 'new dreams' .

it is a thank you. the fact that your ears and attention are tuned in means that small touches turn to ripples and that is the affirmation of the cosmic net .

remember love ,

dream on ,


Watch the video for single Drifter (Dream On) below...

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