Big Dipper was established in 2000 to manage Sigur Rós, a promising new experimental band discovered in Iceland. It quickly helped establish Sigur Rós as breakout stars of the of the Post-Rock scene. Guiding their career through international record and publishing deals, both Indie and major, and onto the world stage as a live act, Big Dipper became the solid foundation on which the band's ideas of 'changing the music industry from within' were founded.

Whilst working with Sigur Rós Big Dipper have also broadened their horizons, frequently discovering and supporting unsigned talent and guiding them towards the right partners in an ever-changing industry. The modern music business offers artists both unparalleled opportunities and previously unseen challenges.

Big Dipper, with its understanding of both Art and Commerce, prides itself in being able to navigate through the new landscape, via a professional lifetime of shared experience and contacts.

Sigur Rós
Alex Somers
Kjartan Sveinsson
Paul Corley